About Rawia

I don’t know where to begin! Let me start by telling you how I got into fitness.

‏During my childhood, I was an active kid who enjoyed playgrounds, soccer, running, cycling, and much more. Unfortunately, during my senior year of high school, I started to get into a sedentary lifestyle. I started chasing my degree dream and not paying attention to my body. I was slowly turning into a weak unhealthy version of myself. At the time, I didn’t understand what was happening. I truly wanted to go after the career goals I set for myself. I finished my degree in Business Marketing and started working in an office. Then things got worse.

‏After 2 years of office work, I found myself weak, always fatigued, and exhausted after long hours at the office. I was not encouraged to do any activity after work. My social life was at the edge.

‏I finally said to myself this cannot continue. My body was turning very unhealthy and this was not who I am. I needed to take a big decision. I decided to do a huge change, took another job that required fewer working hours, signed up in a gym, and there is where I started my journey.

‏It was not easy to commit and there were a lot of times where I gave up and stopped working out for months. I even went through phases of commitment and discouragement. My goal was to look better.

‏However, I could not commit to this new fitness lifestyle. I always asked myself, “how can I commit?” and “What goal can keep me motivated to never stop?” I knew that it was my mindset that had to change. This wasn’t easy and it took me a while until I changed my thinking from “working out to look good” to “working out to feel strong and healthy”, hence looking better

‏I now work out to feel better from the inside out. I know through my personal experiences I can help motivate you to start changing your mindset too. Many of you want to change your lifestyle but do not know where to start. I always say it starts in the mind

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